Time to be skilled! Artisans seek the pleasure of your company

throughout the London Bridge Renaissance Faire! Artisans are

the accomplished workers of skilled trades. They meticulously

craft items by hand, using their experience & artistry to create

the spectacular objects of their vocation.  During the Middle Ages,

the term "artisan" applied to those who made things or provided

services.  Artisans were divided into two distinct groups: those

who operated their own businesses, called masters, & those who

did not, called journeymen & apprentices.

Scattered among the village, you’ll find Artisans of all variations demonstrating their labours & expertise. Some Artisans may craft unique wooden toys or puppets; fashion embroidered shirts made especially for children; showcase an authentic pastry or cookie; create an intricate tattoo design in henna or glitter; or create a work of art right on your face that you'll never want to wash off. Others could toil on their potter's wheel; twist metal & wire into one-of-a-kind jewelry; bring a dragon to life through paint & brush; or have a knack for hair braiding. The opportunities may surprise you!

So join the fun & tap into your inner creator with the Artisans at the London Bridge Renaissance Faire. Bring along your families, your good friends, & your working hands to become apprentices to the masters! Who knows what hidden talents you may discover?  If you do find that, alas, you are not the crafty type, the artisans will be happy to sell you their own beautiful creations, ready for you to take home & display!