The Market is Open! Wares for Sale! Wares for Sale!
The London Bridge Renaissance Faire Marketplace presents

& Merchants with a wide array of Renaissance & Medieval handmade

wares for sale. Whether you are in the mood to purchase these goods,

or simply interested in observing the artistry & pride that goes into

Renaissance craftsmanship, you'll be captivated by their talent &

creativity of their makers. Artisans & Merchants work hand-in-hand

to bring you the highest quality goods—and service, of course.

Imagine, if you will, Artisans demonstrating their ancient skills right before you. You will be treated to all-manner of crafts & skill as you wander through the village.  Then, can you visualize all the Merchant Shoppes that create the perfect Marketplace for all of these amazing arts & crafts? What an adventure for the senses! Here's a peek at what you'll see in the village marketplace at the 2018 London Bridge Renaissance Faire!

Giant Rocking Horses
Handmade Soaps & ScrubsHandmade Fairy Art & Figurines
Henna Tatoos
Hair Braiding
Themed Wedding Planner
Knives & Swords
Faerie Wings
Glitter  & Airbrush Tattoos
Face Painting
Bamboo Umbrellas & FansMedieval/Ren Arts & Crafts
Psychic Readings 
Wire & Flower Crowns
Crushable Sea Grass Hats
Handmade Leather Goods
Leather Belt Pouches
Hand Sewn Cloaks & Skirts
Floral WatersNatural Beauty Care Products             
Handmade Children's Wooden Weapons/Shields 
Embroidered Shirts
Wooden Bird Whistles & Toys
Thread Bracelets/Bags/Toys/Clothing
Hair AccessoriesReiki
Books/Coloring Books & Handmade Bookmarks
Fairy Ornaments & PendantsWooden Bows & Swords
Costume Patterns & Sewing Supplies
Handmade Jewelry
Leather & Fur Bags
Children's Embroidered Capes 
Auric Field Readings
Leather & Wooden Animal Shields       
Fairy Pendants
Leather Armor/Bracers/Helms/Belts
Fairy Houses & Furniture             Ghillies
Chakra Balancing

HandPainted Tiles/Bar Stools/Canvas/Bags/Rocks

Step into another world when you visit the village marketplace.  But be prepared--you (or your home) may be transformed!

To help educate you as a shopper or a wanderer:

Artisans are craftsmen & women who apply specialized trade skills in making goods by hand for themselves & society.  Artisans will demonstrate their craft skills at the Faire.

Merchants are the peddlers, traders, & purveyors of goods produced by Artisan craftsmen & women--thus creating a market for the Artisans & profit for themselves. Merchants will demonstrate the finished goods they would like to sell.

The Village Map will show the way to all the treasures to be found In Our Marketplace, In the Arena, On the Stages, & In the Village. Meander through the village streets & meander back again--you may have missed something the first time 'round!