2: Take an old T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt & turn it into a costume.
A few resourceful people on YouTube have come up with some creative ways to make a costume cheaply & quickly. Check out the links below for a couple of examples:

How to Make a Medieval Costume in Under Four Minutes
How to Make a Medieval Sorceress Costume (Confessor Dress)

3: If you can sew, make your own.
Look on Pinterest & other websites to find free patterns & ideas for your homemade costumes. You can get fabric cheaply by buying scrap materials or simply purchasing sheets & curtains at thrift stores. It all depends on how fancy & how creative you want to be in the pursuit of the perfect costume.

4: Pick something up the day after Halloween.
Most stores have their costumes at a 50% discount the day after Halloween. Use this as an opportunity to pick up a cape or even a full costume on the cheap.  Believe me, we’ll probably see each other in line that day. It’s truly a goldmine!

5: No matter what you wear, have fun at the London Bridge Renaissance Faire.
A Renaissance Faire is meant to be an inspiring & exciting time for everyone. Don’t let the lack of a costume keep you from coming. Remember, it’s not a real party until you show up!


The Renaissance Faire is an amazing experience, & half the fun can be dressing up in your Renaissance costume! You can buy or rent costumes, which can be fun, but is often expensive. For people who enjoy DIY projects, the array of costume patterns is quite amazing! You don’t have to have $300 to spend on a gorgeous costume, or be a world class seamstress, to come up with a costume for the Renaissance Faire.

Here are some simple tips to get your costume ready without breaking the bank:

1: You may already have a costume sitting in your closet.

You may already have a costume in your closet & not even realize it could become your perfect outfit. Be creative. A basic Renaissance costume can consist of a loose, flowy shirt, boots, a belt, long skirt for females, or pants for the guys. If you don’t own these items you can often find them cheap at your local thrift shop. That’s where we find some of our best ideas.