Bitty Buccaneers Bounce Houses.  Visit our FREE bounce houses & let thy little lads & lassies reign supreme.  Look for the castle spires as the perfect place for the wee ones to bounce to their hearts content--until their little limbs can bounce no more!

New World Nickname.  Yo ho ho! Ye have a peg leg, hook, an' a noisy ole parrot, but ye need a perfect pirate name before ye take to th' high seas. Play pirate dice and let thy whole family discover their unique pirate name.

Plundering Pirate Pouch.  Ahoy me Hearties! Create thy very own treasure pouch to keep thy booty safe & sound. Fun for all ages, this simple, free craft will transport ye back to a time when artisans ruled the marketplace. Ye crafty pouch will come in mighty handy if ye join the Smuggler's Ring!

Quest for the Pirate's Booty.  Forget about all the pomp & circumstance, come for the glory! If ye are feeling particularly cunning, embark on this treasure hunt. Interact with characters in the Faire & follow the clues - if ye are clever & make it to the end, ye will be entitled to some of the bounty!!

The London Bridge Renaissance Faire is a place for families to experience the magic & wonder of the Renaissance Era. Kids of all ages, & those young at heart, are encouraged to check out a variety of FREE activities designed to entertain & inspire your child & your inner child!  Enter Pirate’s Cove & escape into a world of buccaneers, smugglers, and booty. Explore your artistic side with free crafts, or nurture your thirst for knowledge at one of several Renaissance themed lectures. Whatever your fancy, you're sure to have fun while reveling in the sights and sounds of the Renaissance era!

The Smuggler’s Ring.  Argh! Those bilge sucking devils in Parliament keep raising taxes! How’s an honest man to afford to feed and clothe his family? We will show those hornswaggles we mean business. Lads & lassies alike are invited to join our swashbuckling Smuggler’s Ring and quietly transport goods to and from merchants around the Faire. Successfully deliver the goods and receive thy prize! But be sure to keep thy wits about ye—the Queen’s representatives are afoot. Don't be caught, or it's the stockades for ye!!