LBRF 2019 Guilds

A renaissance faire would not be possible without it's diverse variety of guilds that make their way to faire each year and populate our village. Guilds that attend our faire each year bring a cast of members that include everything from nobility, pirates and even the simple village folk. Our guilds attending faire also have many educational opportunites that lie within their encampents, so be sure to stop by each one and explore what they have to offer. Some examples include, sword and weapons history, pirate education, arts and crafts, living encampments and more! Even our Queen belong to one of the Guilds. 

Our official guilds for 2019. More are currently being added. Be sure to keep checking back. 

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Clan Darksail

The Royal French Privateers of Clan Darksail are a "pirates for hire" acting troupe based out of Southern California, with members stretching from San Diego to San Luis Obispo. Founded in 1998, Clan Darksail has been entertaining audiences with their unique blend of "Education through Entertainment" for 20 years, with such diverse clients as The Marintime Museem in San Diego, The ocean institute of Dana Point, The Kiwinis Club of Oceanside, Greystone Television, The Boy Scouts of America and so much more.

The group of versitile actors have also appeared in numerous comercials, television shows and movies including "Conquest" and "Smoking Guns" on the History Channel, the UbiSoft promotional film "Assasian's Creed: The Devil's Spear" and most recently "The Pirate Captian Toleano," a short film about Jewish piratesthat is winning numerous awards on the festival circut.

To find out more about The Royal French Privateers of Clan Darksail, and how you can hire them for your children's party, adult party or charity event, please visit them on the web at 



There is a story I’ve heard telling of two very wealthy  men that had made their fortune from trading throughout the northern ports of Scotland. They were known far & wide for their fair trade on all the rivers they encountered. Traveling the Ness & Beauly, they established small villages. They even went up the Carron into Oykel & on to Cassley, where they were snowed in for the season.  That winter they decided it would be a good time to think of retirement from the business &  settle down. While partaking of the finest of mead & good whiskey at the local tavern, the bar maid overheard their conversation & quietly told the pair, “If you want to retire, you must have a shire.” From that point on they began making plans to create the village where they wanted to live. It took many months & many trips on most of the rivers throughout the Isle before they found the perfect place to build their very own village. For months the two recruited townsmen & women to be a part of their shire, built by & for the people--something to make the new Queen proud.  They established trades & hired workers so that everyone had a place to work & a home in which to live. They even built a tavern & gave it to the bar maid that had given them the idea.  They made sure every detail had been taken care of.  Then they relaxed and began to enjoy the quiet life & all the things that come with it.  For many years, life was the way they had dreamed it should be, & they lived very, very happily.

We are the descendants of these great and courageous people that decided to take a chance for a new life. We are the inhabitants of the land near the blue green water of the great northern Isle. We are the local villagers still living & working in the shire. We are farmers, peasants, wenches, & every sort of merchant you can imagine. You may also find Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns, & maybe even a Troll or two.  There’s even a legend of Nessie that lives in the Locke, a creature of  long ago. If you watch the waters you may see her, or a ripple she’ll make on the surface to bring you luck.

We’ve also become a place for Pirates that want to retire from the open sea & settle down without being harassed. We think the Queen has even taken a liking to them as well.  Stop by their encampment to get a glimpse into life with Havashire!



The kingdom of OurRenLand, as legend has it, was founded by our four fathers. The ship was lead by Captain Kitty and his one legged duck. They left the lost City of Atlantis to live a life without the rules and laws that made life mundane, and kept the people from finding true happiness. While looking for a new place to call home, they got lost at sea. After a terrible stormy night, a fog so thick that they could not see past their noses rolled in. After 3 days of not knowing what direction they were headed and not being able to see where they had just been, the fog began to lift.

The sun was brighter then they had ever seen, the ocean was a crystal blue color that allowed all to see the while sand miles below.

A few miles ahead of them they saw the most beautiful land they had ever seen. With high spirits they decided to go ashore and look around. They found no one anywhere on the land. After much searching and mapping of the land, that they discovered that they were on a small island. The island had a beautiful beach on the edges and a wonderful lush green mountain terrain in the center of the island.

Since the island was uninhabited they decided that it was a great place to start a new life. Our four fathers had decided to leave Atlantis to get away from the rules and laws they sat down and made the only laws of their land

It is rumored that the island is protected by witches, warlocks and fairies. Anyone who has tried to do harm to the island or anyone within its protected lands, has disappeared. We do not know what harm came to them. All we see is the unmanned weathered ship that sails away, off into the open sea.

Since that time, the island has become the home to many pirates seeking refuge, fairies and witches tired of being hunted for who or what they are. Barbarians tired of being the brute force to help others gain their riches, everyone who is pure at heart has found a home here.

Those who have made it home all work together trading goods and services with each other and those who are just passing by, making the lands of the village a sea port village! To this day no harm comes to anyone who resides on our island!


Silk Moon Nomads

Led by the lovely Suzette, the SILK MOON NOMADS travel the lands, honing their exotic & eclectic dance skills. A nomadic tribe of performers, they use their talents to entertain, thus ensuring means to acquire wondrous costumes which bedazzle their audiences. Endowed with a flair for welcoming wayfarers who need refuge, the dancers delight in sharing their gifts with others, pleasing royalty & peasants alike. Playful, lighthearted, & enchanting, their performances are a pleasure to behold. Stop by their encampment to get a glimpse into life with the SILK MOON NOMADS!


Glass Eye Pub

The Glass Eye Pub is a raucous band of pirates from the Golden Age of Piracy. You’ll see it in our garb & hear it in our lingo, as we regale the crowd with tales & tidbits of our comrades & sailors alike. If ye mind be open to a bit of schooling, then our crew will delight in servin’ up some activities that will tickle the fancy of both young & old. Dice & card games more to your liking? We revel in displaying our skill to the eager eyes of our guests, & invite them to join in on these games of chance. If ye be feeling lucky, ye might just catch a bit of light steel sword fighting if we be in the mood. A wee warning: The owners of the Glass Eye take no responsibility for the actions or inactions of its patrons. Nor do we cover any damages to your person, belongings, or ego. Any damages to the pub or its serving staff will be taken out of your hide however deemed necessary by those who want to do the taking. Oh, and don’t forget to pay your respects to the former owner whose skull now resides on the bar…



Battle Wolf is an armed privately owned vessel commissioned for service, loyal to whomever is the highest bidder; the crew--privateers & mercenaries of the seas. This journey we carry letters of marque from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. In times of war, we specialize in the capture of enemy merchant shipping. In times of peace, we specialize in discreet transportation (no questions asked). No job is too small & no fee too high!

Fun you'll have with us...

-Bad Advice Pirate Booth where we dispense gems of wisdom on everything from occupational to relationship advice

-Shanties & sea songs.

-Tour of our encampment plundered shiny things.

-We invite you to stop by our encampment to get a glimpse into life with Battle Wolf!


Loch Mead Village

As the wind sweeps down from the Highlands, the only thing between you & the hereafter is a bit of wool & your sword. As hard as life was, the people were warm & generous. Highland hospitality is legendary--grab your kilt, your sword, & join us at our warriors table! The Village of Loch Mead is situated on the northern coast of Scotland. We are a free port who welcomes Irish, Spaniards, French, freebooters (Pirates), gypsies, beggars, & even the English--if they have enough coin. Stop by their encampment to get a glimpse into life with Loch Mead Village!


Clan Rannsaicha

Clan Rannsaicha is comprised of a group of people that study and reenact medieval history. Within Rannsaicha are a group of Middle Eastern drummers "More Than Blood." They perform at all types of venues including street fairs, wine bars and are often accompanied by belly dancers. Clan Rannsaich provides entertainment and medieval flare to any gathering!


Adrian Empire

Medieval / Early Renaissance Re-creation

The Adrian Empire is dedicated to the study and re-creation of Western European culture between the the year 793 and 1625. Members work to re-create the arts, skills, and culture of this range of the Medieval and Renaissance eras.

Adrians reproduce non-choreographed combat competitions in both one-on-one and group battle scenarios. Combat takes place in three basic forms:
a training form for beginners using slatted bamboo weapons (shinais);
rapier-style with a variety of fencing-type weapons;
and heavy armored combat using steel weapons.
Safety is the top priority and their rules put minimum standards on armor worn and limitations on weapons used.
Stop by their encampment to get a glimpse into life with the Adrian Empire.

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