Membership in our guild includes (but is not limited to) the following: Actors, actresses, & performing artists;  specific characters (real life or make believe) in the areas of peasant class, merchant class & fantasy; Jugglers; Musicians; Dancers; Poets; Volunteer & support roles: Serving/bartending, children’s area, info & ticketing, parking, etc.

What is expected from a Havashire guild member?

  • First & foremost. a positive, light-hearted attitude, both to our audience as well as to fellow guild members.
  • Attendance & participation in as many events & promotions before the Faire that your schedule will allow. Because this is a volunteer guild, it is not required, but we would like our group to provide a big presence whenever possible.
  • Dress Rehearsals. We will have two before the start of the Faire. Please be sure to attend. Depending on your role, additional practices & meet-ups may be required.
  • Appropriate costuming. This must be approved by the guild coordinator. Ideas & options will be provided if needed.  Havashire Closet is also available for costumes to loan but are very limited.

How does one join Havashire?

  • Decide if one of our roles is meant for you, or submit a creative idea for approval of the guild coordinator.
  • Attend an audition or email us to set up an interview.
  • Give us a general idea of which area you would like to work. If a character, prepare a small background story (under two minutes) of who you will be portraying. You will also be asked to sing a 16-bar song that will be provided.  Above all we are looking for individuals who want to have fun!

To join our cast or find out more information, please email

There is a story I’ve heard telling of two very wealthy pirates that decided to retire from the business & settle down. While drinking at the local tavern, the bar maid overheard their conversation & quietly told the pair, “If you want to retire, you must have a shire.”  So they began making plans to create their village. It took many months & many trips on many rivers before they found the perfect place to build. They recruited villagers to be a part of this new & exciting adventure, built shops where people could work, & houses where they could live. They even built a tavern & gave it to the bar maid that had given them the idea. They took great care of every detail.  Life was the way they had dreamed it should be, & they lived happily ever after.

The villagers of Havashire are the descendants of these courageous people who decided to take a chance for a new life. We are the inhabitants of the land near the blue green water. We are farmers, peasants, wenches, & every sort of merchant you can imagine. You may also find Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns & maybe even a Troll or two.  But they do like to hide.  We’ve also become a place for Pirates that want to retire from the open sea & settle down without being harassed. Just don’t tell the Queen…  Stop by their encampment to get a glimpse into life with Havashire!

Our Havashire Guild is a modest, humble group of local cast & volunteers from Lake Havasu & the surrounding areas. Each member of our guild will interact with faire goers in unique ways to make the London Bridge Renaissance Faire a truly unforgettable experience that will be cherished for years to come.