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Evan Gray

In the late 1500s, while Continental Europe was fighting wars of succession & Lowland Scotland was embroiled in religious controversies, the wild Highlanders of Scotland were refining a Classical Music on the bagpipe: The deep & hypnotic Piobaireachd, one of the oldest classical music traditions in Europe. Evan Gray has studied this music, its stories, & traditions for over 18 years. Along with marches & dance music, hear this rare music of the Gaels & learn some bagpipe lore.
About: In 1995, in the grips of temporary insanity or perhaps strong drink, Evan decided learning to play the bagpipe, & getting in touch with his Scottish heritage, was a good idea. After diligent practice & excellent instruction, he has successfully competed in Scotland & all over the Southwest US. Evan Gray is a Staff Sergeant--playing the bagpipe in the 44th Army Band, New Mexico Army National Guard since 1999.


Black Friars Fencing Academy

Master Vincentio Saviolo, showcases the fine art & techniques of fencing.  Fencing traces its roots to the development of swordsmanship for duels & self defense. Fencing is probably one of the oldest games in existence, sprang directly from the duel, & the latter has been extant as long as there has been war. The Academcy will also host the Nautical Swordfighting Demonstration by Clan Darksail, also seen In the Arena. 



New addition to our Faire for 2019!

Royal Jongleur, Minstrel Of The Fae & Bard Of The People is an off-beat singer-songwriter whose story-songs highlight his wandering lane act. From illustrious anthems inspiring revelry and good cheer to comedic tales that leave listeners rolling in the lanes, this musicman entertains patrons of all ages. His improv-based style and hip-hopity happiness ensure a joyous and memorable experience to all those he serenades