In the late 1500s, while Continental Europe was fighting wars of succession & Lowland Scotland was embroiled in religious controversies, the wild Highlanders of Scotland were refining a Classical Music on the bagpipe: The deep & hypnotic Piobaireachd, one of the oldest classical music traditions in Europe. Evan Gray has studied this music, its stories, & traditions for over 18 years. Along with marches & dance music, hear this rare music of the Gaels & learn some bagpipe lore.
About: In 1995, in the grips of temporary insanity or perhaps strong drink, Evan decided learning to play the bagpipe, & getting in touch with his Scottish heritage, was a good idea. After diligent practice & excellent instruction, he has successfully competed in Scotland & all over the Southwest US. Evan Gray is a Staff Sergeant--playing the bagpipe in the 44th Army Band, New Mexico Army National Guard since 1999.

 The 2018 London Bridge Renaissance Faire Arena will be hosting an exciting lineup In the Arena. Get Tickets! to join the festivities all three days to make sure you don't miss a thing, & check the Entertainment Schedule to plan your viewing.   Entertainment is scheduled In the Arena between battles.  It's an epic combination!  

Sudaa' Nar Tribe is an eclectic & exciting variety show consisting of dancers of many styles.  Sudaa' Nar  specializes in fire dancing, LED/flow dancing, & folkloric styles of dance. They have performed at multiple festivals in the Nevada, California, Utah, & now in Arizona. The troupe was established in 2009 under the direction of Noora Amar, a belly dancer since 1990, but many have danced together for many years.  Check them out On the Stages & In the Arena for some not-to-be-missed renaissance frivolity! 

History of Black Powder Weapons Firing Demonstration. Come meet the Royal French Privateers of Clan Darksail as they take you on a journey of discovery and entertainment, while teaching you everything you never knew you wanted to know about early firearms! From the earliest “handgonnes” of the 1300's, up through the flintlocks & cannons of the Golden Age of Piracy, the crew will show you each weapon & tell you a little bit about it, before firing it right before your eyes! Starting from small arms & pistols, then working their way up through muskets, blunderbusses, deck-mounted swivel guns & a cannon or two. They even have a 17th century grenade launcher! After the show you are invited to come up to see & handle the guns, & ask as many questions as you like. NOTICE: This show gets louder & louder as we progress through the various guns, so people with sensitive hearing may wish to plug their ears or avoid the show. Similarly, pets are sometimes affected so be aware if you have a service animal. (all ages friendly, 30-45 min)

Nautical Swordfighting Demonstration by the Royal French Privateers of Clan Darksail.  Come see swordfights like you have never seen them before! This half-hour show features high-flying, fast-paced swashbuckling fun, with cinematic-style choreographed sword fighting interspersed with educational information on true shipboard combat back in the Golden Age of Piracy. This team of trained stuntmen & educators have appeared in such films as “Master & Commander,” “The Pirate Captain Toledano,” and “Assassin's Creed: The Devil's Spear.” The show has also been performed at the Maritime Museum of San Diego, as well as countless faires & festivals across the Southwest United States. (all ages friendly, but may contain bawdy innuendos)

Headlining In The Arena is the Armored Combat League U.S. Nationals in Havasu--the league's once-a-year competition where fighters from across the country will be vying for a spot to compete  in the International Medieval Combat Federation competition, held this year in Scotland.  Featuring free-style combat between fighters clad in medieval armor , expect the unexpected in these non-choreographed combat confrontations in both one-on-one & group encounters! Prepare to see an exhilarating display of skill & bravery as the teams face off.  These exciting battles will keep you on the edge of your seat, tantalize your senses, & keep you clapping wildly for more! Qualifying Rounds take place Friday & Saturday, with Final Rounds on Sunday.  Come & cheer on your favorites to represent our country! 

Adrian Empire will host daily demonstrations & competitions for young & old. Sign up at the Archery tent to try your hand & take aim!  Cross bow, long bow, & children’s included.

Friday & Saturday
Mixed Archery & Crossbows Demonstrations
10 am - 12 noon
10 am - 12 noon
Archery & Crossbow Tournament 
1 - 2pm1 - 2pm
Mixed Archery Demonstrations
2 - 3pm2 - 3pm
Archery & Crossbow Tournament
 4 - 5 pm
3 - 4pm
Mixed Archery Demonstrations
5 - 6pm