Learn more about our Artisans & Merchants:  Explore the realm of creativity & craftsmanship--find a new look for your home as you only imagined, dare to become a fantasy version of yourself, relax into the skilled hands of a masseuse.  There is so much to unearth, & only you can find the way that leads to your fulfillment...

Food & Drink is on everyone's mind, & you won't be disappointed with what you find!  No etiquette rules required, we expect you'll need a good washing after you're finished! Leave with your stomach rumble silenced, your sweet tooth satisfied, & your parched thirst delightfully quenched...

The Troll Under the Bridge Tavern is the place to be for libationary expeditions. The Tavern will serve a wide range of refreshments, including Boddington's Beer, Imported & Domestic Beer, Flavored Malt Beverages, & other family-friendly choices. A number of additional Renaissance Libation tents will also be scattered throughout the Faire. 

Be sure to find out how to get into the exclusive Royale Tavern with  The VIP Experience Access Pass!

Peruse In Our Marketplace for a comprehensive list of all the vendors you'll find.

The Village Map will show the way to all the treasures to be found In Our Marketplace, In the Arena, On the Stages, & In the Village. Meander through the village streets & meander back again--you may have missed something the first time 'round!



The London Bridge Renaissance Faire Marketplace will be a path of discovery--from artisans demonstrating their creative talents & merchants selling their one-of-a-kind wares, to tantalizing smells & an assortment of delectable food selections to make your  taste buds tingle in anticipation! You may stumble upon treasures you never expected. Every die-hard—and hardly-dead—Renaissance buff will shout Huzzah!!

Please join us & explore the Marketplace...