Delight in the performances on the three stages at the 2017 London Bridge Renaissance Faire. To plan your viewing pleasure, peruse our Entertainment Schedule. Get Tickets! to join the festivities all three days to make sure you don't miss a thing!

DANNY LORD: Lord of Mischief!  If you are buying laughs by the pound, Danny Lord has a bushel to give away.  Clocking more than 30 years of comedy with humor that is uniquely his own, Danny has entertained, enlightened, & cracked up private parties, circuses, festivals, ships, in theaters, on television, movies, & street venues--for celebrities to native tribes. Now he’s here to entertain you!  His classic cups & balls will have you standing & screaming. Take a chance, see the show, it could very well be the thrill of a lifetime, or the end of a great shopping experience.  Maybe then you can answer this universal question: What is more loco than a powerful motive?

HER MAJESTY'S MINSTREL CYCLE: Vaudeville comedy meets traditional folk music in this fun & often ribald trio of minstrels. Eclectic, eccentric, zany, & fun; this percussive vocal & vaudevillian comedy troupe with Captain Elspeth "Black Bettie" Blaque, Master Seamus MacLeod , & Mistress Alaina o'Dae will delight, tittilate, & leave all in stitches. It's a bloody great time!

Led by the lovely Suzette, the SILK MOON NOMADS travel the lands, honing their exotic & eclectic dance skills.  A nomadic tribe of performers, they use their talents to entertain, thus ensuring means to acquire wondrous costumes which bedazzle their audiences. Endowed with a flair for welcoming wayfarers who need refuge, the dancers delight in sharing their gifts with others, pleasing royalty & peasants alike.  Playful, lighthearted, & enchanting, their performances are a pleasure to behold.


THOMAS WOOD, THE PYRO JUGGLER is a contact juggling specialist where crystal balls seem to float effortlessly over his body. The show will tantalize your senses & tickle your funny bone as Thomas juggles torches, knives, bowling balls, crystal balls, full glasses of water, clubs, & your hearts! This charismatic hodgepodge of comedy also includes fire eating, blowing, transferring, fire staff, & a finale not to be missed. Skill & Danger!

GARRY SILER is a renaissance minstrel who has been performing for over 20 years. Playing with his beloved instrument he lovingly calls Rose, Garry will delight audiences with his heartfelt renditions &  soulful demeanor.


The lively spirit & audience rapport of HIGHLAND WAY  will keep you coming back for every performance. Highlighting Celtic music from Scotland & Ireland, these seasoned musicians bring a polished energy & huge repertoire that will keep you clapping & tapping your toes! A native Scot with his Glasgow accent, Brian is well known for his ability to charm any crowd while his energetic rhythm guitar blends flawlessly with the rest of the band: Paul on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, & banjo; Sharon on accordion & keyboards; Bob on percussion & drums; Glen on bass; & master of guitars Jim.

COLLETTE THE BARD, the 7th daughter of a poor lord & lacking a dowery or any prospects, she faced a future of spinsterhood or life in the cloister. Colette took matters into her own hands, running off with a troupe of traveling musicians & gypsies. Her new life is now one of her own making, & she never looked back. She writes songs filled with emotion that speak to all who have the chance to hear her sweet & melodic voice. Colette performs wherever the wind takes her...

GALLOWS HUMOR is a macabre, comedic & very energetic undead gypsy band that has traveled the world for centuries. They sing songs of traveling, drinking, celebration, revenge, cannibalistic vigilante-ism, & much more… Sometimes naughty, never nice, but ALWAYS READY TO PARTY! Prepare ye-selves to be surprised & mayhaps a bit shocked (after all, it is a renaissance faire), but set aside your rules, free your minds, & ye shall be sure to have a rip-roaring good time!