The kingdom of OurRenLand, as legend has it, was founded by our four fathers.  The ship was lead by Captain Kitty and his one legged duck.  They left the lost City of Atlantis to live a life without the rules and laws that made life mundane, and kept the people from finding true happiness.  While looking for a new place to call home, they got lost at sea.  After a terrible stormy night, a fog so thick that they could not see past their noses rolled in.  After 3 days of not knowing what direction they were headed and not being able to see where they had just been, the fog began to lift.

The sun was brighter then they had ever seen, the ocean was a crystal blue color that allowed all to see the while sand miles below.

A few miles ahead of them they saw the most beautiful land they had ever seen.  With high spirits they decided to go ashore and look around.    They found no one anywhere on the land.  After much searching and mapping of the land, that they discovered that they were on a small island.  The island had a beautiful beach on the edges and a wonderful lush green mountain terrain in the center of the island.

Since the island was uninhabited they decided that it was a great place to start a new life.  Our four fathers had decided to leave Atlantis to get away from the rules and laws they sat down and made the only laws of their land:

  • Everyone is to enjoy the short life that they have.
  • Respect everyone’s way of life
  • Everyone is welcome

It is rumored that the island is protected by witches, warlocks and fairies.  Anyone who has tried to do harm to the island or anyone within its protected lands, has disappeared.  We do not know what harm came to them. All we see is the unmanned weathered ship that sails away, off into the open sea.

Since that time, the island has become the home to many pirates seeking refuge, fairies and witches tired of being hunted for who or what they are.  Barbarians tired of being the brute force to help others gain their riches, everyone who is pure at heart has found a home here.

Those who have made it home all work together trading goods and services with each other and those who are just passing by, making the lands of the village a sea port village! To this day no harm comes to anyone who resides on our island!


What we do…

  • How did a pirate talk? What words did they use? Basics to get you through the faire!
  • What are some of the parts on a ship?
  • Codex, what was it, why was it important?
  • Story time
  • Shanties – We may not sing well, but we sing proud. A few of them you just might know, so join in & sing along!
  • Telling jokes, sharing a story, or giving a quick bit of history. We also have treasure for the little ones that show an interest in our piratical ways!