Hear ye, hear ye! Come one, come all! The London Bridge Renaissance Faire is returning to Lake Havasu, & we need your help to make it an even bigger success!  The Lake Havasu City London Bridge Lions Club is proud to present this 2nd annual event, & needs your support as we continue this new tradition.

If you're thinking about how you can get involved, the increased exposure for our city should provide exponential returns on your generous investment in our success.

  • If you're a business, partnering with us will increase your name recognition & be a smart choice for you, too.
  • If you're a generous individual who sees the merits in making this event a success for our city, you can partner with us through your tax-deductible donation.
  • If you've got some time, talent, or extra supplies you are willing to part with, there's a place for you on our team !

Whomever you are, however you want to help, you can email us at or call us at 928-846-7093to get on board. If you'd like to make a cash contribution, download our LBRF 2017 Sponsorship Package for complete details.   

Need a little coaxing before you commit?  Here are some more reasons to join us:

Renaissance faires are well known for drawing visitors from far & wide. Our goal is to make the London Bridge Renaissance Faire (LBRF) in Lake Havasu a go-to destination for renaissance faires in the southwest. We’re not just saying that - our location has the attributes to deliver on a Renaissance experience like no other!

  • The original historic London Bridge

            With the special backdrop of the original London Bridge, the only thing missing is an annual Renaissance Faire.
             After all, the city’s historic attraction is the biggest single Renaissance Faire prop outside the borders of merry
             olde England!

  • The distinctive Faire grounds beach location

            The Faire grounds are located at Windsor Beach in Lake Havasu State Park. This unique site for the grounds of a
            Renaissance Faire lends itself to a scenic view you won’t experience at other Renaissance Faires.

  • Beautiful Arizona weather

            Winter in Lake Havasu may seem a bit chilly for the locals, but compared to the rest of the country, it’s paradise! 
            Wearing your Renaissance costume will be cozy & comfortable instead of stifling hot like you might experience
            at other faires!

So what can you expect to see from your donation?

  • As a non-profit event partnered by the London Bridge Lions Club and the ASU Havasu Campus, all proceeds from sales & sponsorship will go to fund our Renaissance Ball & Faire operations. Any surplus funds will be reinvested in our community, with a percentage going to scholarships for ASU students attending the local Lake Havasu campus. Revenue from last year's inaugural faire resulted in six $1,000 scholarships being awarded to deserving ASU Havasu students.  This event is an important opportunity for Lake Havasu, its citizens, & its university students.
  • The LBRF Organizing Committee is working closely with the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce & the Lake Havasu City Convention Bureau. The Committee is confident that this event will add significantly to the start of the Lake Havasu event calendar.
  • Ultimately, as the LBRF becomes better known, we would project strong interest from out-of-town visitors. Our first year saw about 5,000 faire-goers--unheard of for a first-year event. Within five years, the draw should exceed 15,000 visitors. This means increased demand for hotel rooms, restaurant meals, & tourist-related services.

The LBRF Organizing Committee & the Lake Havasu City London Bridge Lions Club genuinely thank you for your consideration in becoming part of the team of the London Bridge Renaissance Faire. We look forward to your participation at the Renaissance Faire at the start of the new year, & expect our 2nd season to be even bigger than better than the first. Let the call go out to all corners of this fair land. History is about to be made, and you are invited to help make it epic!