Her Majesty Queen Mary and Her Royal Court of Scotland,

Greetings unto the good townspeople of Havashire and the inhabitants of the London Bridge Renaissance Faire,

As our progress comes to an end, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Mary of Scots, Queen of Scotland, formally requests that you join her and her court as she makes her way home from Inverness. She has enjoyed visiting much of the countryside and has been touched by the love and support from Her subjects. She shall include the region known as Havashire as part of the noble lands for the loving welcome they have shown. To show her gratitude for the loyalty of her subjects, she shall invite all from the shire and surrounding areas to her next stop and announce this honor publicly. Her progress will be concluded in a few short days, with a visit at Blair Castle. Highlanders from far and wide are gathering deer from the surrounding countryside to host a great hunt and feast to be held in thy Majesty’s honor. They could think not a better way to conclude such a progress than by attending this event most spectacular! Queen Mary is said to be an avid hunter and always keeps her eye on the prize--no matter what the prize may be or how difficult to obtain!

Until then, I remain in thy loving Queen’s service,
James Hepburn
4th Earl of Bothwell

Ruled by her heart, Queen Mary is one of the most loved Queens in Europe. Her court is a delight to all who can take part. With her good taste for French and Scottish music, dance and entertainment, there is never a dull moment in her presence. What will you find at our beloved Queen Mary’s court while attending the faire?

  • ENNOBLING CEREMONY. Calling all who wish to be Lords and Ladies of the Queen's court--Her Majesty will ennoble all loyal subjects! To prove your honor has been bestowed, take home a  royal crown or lovely rose. Royal photos available online after the faire.  Held in the Royale Pavilion on Friday at 11am and 4pm, Saturday 11am and 4pm, and Sunday 11am. FREE.
  • COSTUME CONTEST.  The Queen’s Royale Court will hold a costume contest on Friday and Saturday, open to all patrons dressed in their finest attire. Guests can pick up a free sash at the souvenir booth in front of the Royale Court. Guild members in the shire will pin cloth squares to the sashes of the costumes that tickle their fancy.  Those whose sashes adorn the most squares at the end of each day will be chosen to receive a coveted prize.  A “Winner’s Ceremony” will be held in the Royale Pavilion on Friday and Saturday at 4:30pm.  Be sure to visit the Costumes & Characters links for ideas. 
  • ROYALE COURT PARADE. The Royale Court will honour ye with a parade. Don’t block their way or it may be off with your head!Look for the Royale procession once each day.
  • Dance, music, and entertainment. While the Queen is not tending to her official duties, you may find her at her presence chamber. Ask the guard if you may approach for an attendance with Her Majesty. You may be able to listen to a song, join in with her ladies for a dance, hear a story, or play a card game or two.

Our Royal Court is part of the Havashire Guild. For more information or to request to join Havashire please send an email to or visit our Facebook page.