Age:  27

Occupation: Philosopher, Writer

Bio: By the age of 18, Bacon's intellectual

capacities were already being respected, & his

new approach to understanding the natural

world is gaining traction in academia. He wields

an impressive command of the English language & is an avid writer. Sir Bacon has taken up a quarrel with another prominent writer, William Shakespeare, claiming that the man has stolen his work & claimed it for himself. These two minds are both in London today; if their paths meet, scores may need to be settled.


Role: Headsman            Age: 25-35

Bio: Robert grew up as the son of a pig farmer on the northern hinterlands of London, with an upbringing of toil & killing. Robert did not react as would be suspected of a child his age to the slaughter of pigs--he appeared to have grown quite fond of it. Robert's father took his son to an upcoming execution in an effort to gauge how sadistic he was. When it was over, some of the crowd was silent, others expressed their distaste for the criminal, while others gasped. Robert, however, enjoyed the show, applauding & cheering, & made it his goal to be a headsman himself. Fearing that Robert would simply kill all of the pigs if left to take over the farm, his father endorsed the idea. He used his influence to request that the Lord Mayor of London give his son a place as headsman, and it was granted. Robert has never been happier!


Role: Village Idiot               Age: 45-55

Bio: In a society lacking basic education for the masses, it can be no surprise that some people end up less than stellar. Oswald was never a bright one, as his brain seemed to lack the capacity to keep him upright at times. He often finds himself falling off walls, conversing with the local wildlife, eating the plate right out from under his food, & other nonsensical actions. He is sustained only by amused passers-by who find him entertaining enough to warrant a tip or other compensation, like food. It is truly a wonder he has lived so far past the common life expectancy, to hit the age of fifty, but it is likely to do with his rugged constitution after sustaining so many falls.


Role: Heckler                      Age: 25-35

Bio: Wilfred has never been a calm man, nor quiet. When he was 12, Wilfred had a particularly aggressive argument with his father that put him over the edge, where he then took Wilfred to the traveling troupe of jesters and other strange and disorderly folk, and told him to leave. Wilfred took it in stride, enjoying the travel and meeting unfamiliar people. Enough interactions with spectators all across Europe left him with a host of jokes that could amuse and insult any audience. He ran away on the most recent trip though London, eighteen years after he joined, and has been haunting the easily offended ever since.


Role: Harlot                          Age: 23-32

Bio: Born out of wedlock to a stoneworker in Sussex and his fleeting lover, she was clearly not destined for great things. Denounced in her father's effort to save face, she never got the opportunity to learn a trade or earn an apprenticeship. Looking to abandon her family ties, she moved north to London. She resorted to making a living in the only way she knows how.


If you think you'd like to be a village character at the Faire, you could choose to be a historical figure.  There's likely to be good background info on these types, but you'll still want to add your own flair so that you'll be entertaining.

Role: Town Crier        Age: 25-35
Bio: Mira grew up as the daughter to a successful businessman who had the status to marry into a prominent noble family. This combined link of merchant & noble leaves Mira at a crossroads of news relevant to various aspects of life. She is thus well-informed on many subjects, making her a perfect fit for town crier. Mira has found her passion in learning what is happening around the kingdom & she wants others to know. Her propensity for gossip further adds to her credentials. Because the town crier is traditionally a man, her solution to this conundrum was to effectively become the opposite sex. She cut her hair shorter, coached her voice, adopted a pseudonym, &  purchased the relevant clothing.

Role: Milkmaid               Age: 30-40

Bio: Annabelle lives a humble existence as a milkmaid in the hinterlands of London. Her simplistic life is something that fulfills her content nature and her fundamental desire to make a living. She is in the center of London now, bringing cheeses and other highly sought-after dairy products to market. The upper class has an affinity for these dairy goods because they are expensive. This wealth allows her to live a more comfortable life than others in the agricultural business. She has joined the small but growing group of the middle class & is happy with her position in life.


Role: Tailor                     Age: 35-45
Bio: Dorothea is another in a long line of weavers and tailors who has given her life to mastering her art. Her family has gained a reputation & makes clothing for local people of prominence & class. She is very proud of her privilege & her skill, and rightfully so. She makes the clothing of some of the highest of London society, of course. With the recent Spanish conflagration, Dorothea has been busier than ever. Officers of the Royal Navy & Royal Army require uniforms fitting of their position and status.

You could also craft your own character - decide your own background, your own version of what your life is all about.  Get creative, have fun, invent a totally different person for the Faire!  Below are some examples of who you could become, but you may want to turn into someone you've made up in your own mind.  Let your imagination soar!


Age:  30

Occupation:  Playwright, poet, actor

Bio: A newcomer to London, William Shakespeare hopes to make a name for himself with his new plays & poetry. The queen is a known patron of the theater, and who knows, perhaps this playwright will catch her eye.  Lately, Shakespeare is becoming more & more irate over a scoundrel named Bacon.


Role: Village Drunk           Age: 30-40

Bio: Once the owner of a prominent inn on the outskirts of London, Patrick was a man of considerable wealth & status. He soon fell into trouble from his own misdeeds when he became far too familiar with his stock of meads, ales, & wines. His inn quickly fell into disarray & eventually failed. He cut all maintenance costs, but never sold the building or the alcohol in it, & uses it as his own personal tap. Some nights he becomes too eager in his consumption to the point where his rants, raves, tirades, & outbursts land him in the stockade. He usually does not remember his punishment, given how intoxicated he was at the time.