Mary Queen of Scots and her Royal Court 

Greetings unto the good townspeople of Havashire and the inhabitants of the London Bridge Renaissance Faire,

As our progress comes to an end, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Mary of Scots, Queen of Scotland, formally requests that you join her and her court as she makes her way home from Inverness. She has enjoyed visiting much of the countryside and has been touched by the love and support from Her subjects. She shall include the region known as Havashire as part of the noble lands for the loving welcome they have shown. To show her gratitude for the loyalty of her subjects, she shall invite all from the shire and surrounding areas to her next stop and announce this honor publicly. Her progress will be concluded in a few short days, with a visit at Blair Castle. Highlanders from far and wide are gathering deer from the surrounding countryside to host a great hunt and feast to be held in thy Majesty’s honor. They could think not a better way to conclude such a progress than by attending this event most spectacular! Queen Mary is said to be an avid hunter and always keeps her eye on the prize--no matter what the prize may be or how difficult to obtain!

Until then, I remain in thy loving Queen’s service,
James Hepburn
4th Earl of Bothwell


Queen's Knighting Cermony

Each afternoon Queen Mary herself, in the presence of her court will promote young lads and lasses to be knights and dames whose sworn duty will be to protect the realm in her name. Each participant will receive a favor from her Majesty and a honorary place in her court. These dames and Knights may sit with the court during the joust and take part in her royal progress. Parent's make sure to take advantage of this photo opportunity.

Families that would like to participate must sign up in advance at the Royal Court tent. Ceremony will be held once a day and is limited to 15 participants. This is event is Free, but may fill up fast. It is recommended to sign up at arrival.


The Royal Costume Contest

Come in your finest dress and garb to the faire to particpate in the court's daily costume contest. Held on Saturday and Sunday It's quite simple.....

Request a costume sash from the information booth and adorn it upon your person. Volunteers and guild members will pin awards to their favorite choices. At the end of the day the Queen will award the indivdual with the most pins. It will be a prize that is handmade by her Majesty.

Royale Court 2.JPG

Additional Court Activities


Court Dancing

Learn the beautiful art of dance, as one of her Majesty's ladies will teach court dances at various times throughout the day that were popular in the 16th century. This activity is suitable for all ages. Schedule coming soon. 


Noble Etiquette lessons

Learn how to address the Queen as a proper Lord or Lady. Discover how nobility spoke, dressed and presented themselves to the Queen. This is a most important lesson if you will be knighted later on in the day by her Majesty.  Impress your family with your excellent manners and behavior. This activity is suitable for all ages. Schedule coming soon.